Ehrenkrook Entertainment produces and distributes feature films that address divisive contemporary issues from a Christian perspective.  



Conversation is a lost art.  It is not taught in schools or encouraged in the public sqaure.  As the world continues to become more industrial and technologically advanced, humans find new and complex ways to communicate, without really saying anything.  Our world has become a place of instant friends and superficiality available through cell phone, text message, Internet, television and cinema.

As Christians we have been called to evangelize in this environment of instant gratification.  As responsible citizens, we are compelled to debate the issues of the day through logic tempered with experience.  Businesses and organizations must succinctly engage the populace by effectively utilizing emerging technology.  Ehrenkrook Entertainment can help in this regard.

Feature film and long-form television dramas are two of the few venues left where complex social issues with difficult moral mandates can be discussed, or at least addressed...and that is exactly what Ehrenkrook Entertainment seeks to achieve.  Through the production of innovative long-form narratives, Ehrenkrook Entertainment intends to promote issues, educate the populace and encourage standard-bearers whose sacrifices and commitment are generally overlooked.

Ehrenkrook Entertainment is a limited liability company registered in the state of Ohio.  All information and images contained on this website and its auxiliary websites is the sole intellectual property of Ehrenkrook Entetainment LLC and as such is protected by all copyright and registration laws of the United States of America.


Ehrenkrook Entertainment is continuously developing innovative projects and is always looking for financial partners.  If you would like more information or would like to become a part of this effort, please use the contact form on this website.
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