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... EHRENKROOK ENTERTAINMENT UPDATES AND NEWS FEED ... Production for SUMMERTIME CHRISTMAS has wrapped... WAIT YOUR TURN is cover of Christian Filmworks magazine ... June 16th - Secular release of WAIT YOUR TURN ... Final Cut of SUMMERTIME CHRISTMAS is complete ... WAIT YOUR TURN promoted at International Abstinence Conference in Puerto Rico ... SUMMERTIME CHRISTMAS under consideration by several distributors ... EMINENT TYRANNY enters development ... Ehrenkrook Entertainment produces feature films that address divisive contemporary issues from a Christian perspective ... ... ...

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The number of fans a project has on Facebook is an indicator to distributors of the potential audience for the film.  Each film on this website has a Facebook link on its page.  Just follow, click "Like" and you're done.


If you have a few more seconds, watch some of the trailers for E.E. projects on sites such as IMDb, Facebook, Tangle and IndieGoGo.  More views = better placement = greater exposure = bigger buzz.


With a few more minutes write a review of an E.E. title on sites like Amazon, Netflix, ChristianCinema, CBD and Barnes&Noble.  Send us a copy or a "heads up" when you do so we can thank you.


Theatre tickets and DVD sales not only keep E.E. running but also keep distributors wanting to carry our future projects.  Please watch and buy any or all of our films to support us as we continue to bring quality entertainment to you.


Your church or organization can hold a screening of any of our completed films which increases exposure for all E.E. movies.  Please contact us for group incentives, bulk sales rates and possible attendence at your event.


Every filmmaker's largest area of need is direct financial support.  We can accommodate project-specific, tax-deductible donations or investments that will pay you back as the projects makes money.



We don't make films all by ourselves.  It takes an entire team of dedicated, skilled people to bring a script to the viewing public.  If you are such a person and would like to team up with us for an upcoming project contact us.